Do you love children? have you just finished school and do not know what to do next? or you are just an adventurous soul looking to explore the world? Then why not take this opportunity of a lifetime to work and travel overseas...


The matching process might seem to be the most difficult part of the program process. You might have a lot of questions and doubts about matching with the right host family. Our agency will support you during this process and answer all your questions.

Once your application is approved and available online for host families, we will contact you and discuss your childcare qualifications in depth. Be patient, the entire process from the time you submit your application to when you arrive in your host family’s home can take as little as 6-10 weeks - or longer depending on how many families are looking for an au pair with your specific qualifications.

It is required to have at least two telephone conversations before matching with a host family. Make sure you are well prepared for the interviews. Read the family profile, write down any questions you want to ask them and be prepared to answer the host family’s questions.


Contact us to get more info on openings, fees etc


Aupair in the USA


Our Au Pair candidates must meet the requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State:

  • south African 

  • be between the ages of 18 and 26;

  • be proficient in spoken English;

  • be secondary school graduate, or equivalent;

  • be in good health;

  • pass a background investigation that includes verification of school, references, criminal record check and personality profile (psychometric test);

  • be able to provide 3 non-family related references, of which some must be related to childcare (at least 200 documented hours of childcare experience);

  • be interviewed

  • complete a detailed application;

  • have passion for childcare;

  • be able to commit to a 12-month position.


An au pair can provide up to 45 hours a week of quality child care. Our au pairs support host families not only with childcare services, but also with some light household tasks related to host family's children.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Changing diapers, entertaining and feeding babies

  • Bathing and dressing children

  • Preparing meals and snacks for children

  • Helping to keep children’s rooms tidy

  • Helping with homework

  • Doing children's laundry

  • Putting children to beds

  • Taking children to parks, playgrounds and other activities

  • Traveling with host family on vacations and providing care for their children

  • Entertaining children and teaching them about your culture.



  1. Earn a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 ($10,000 + a year!) as a Standard Au Pair, $146.81 a minimum as an EduCare Au Pair or $250 a minimum as a Plus Au Pair.

  2. Receive up to $500 ($1,000 for EduCare) of the educational stipend.

  3. Earn two weeks of paid vacation.

  4. Extend your stay as an au pair for up to 12 months and earn another $10,000 a year!

  5. Free flight to the U.S.A.






Aupair in Germany

There is a high demand in Germany for English speaking au pairs, so we are always searching for new candidates.




  • Earn a monthly stipend of 260€  PLUS  an additional 90€ educational allowance to use for attending a German language course

  • This adds up to 350€ a month - being the highest monthly au pair salary earned with a German au pair agency!

  • Access to transportation (either monthly pass for local public transportation or a car)

  • Free flight to Germany, including all connecting flights to your host family if you commit to a program length of 12 months

  • Free return flight to your home country, given that you have successfully completed a 12 months stay with the same host family.

  • All-inclusive comprehensive insurance package for the entire length of the program, including health, accident and third party liability insurance.

  • Receive 2 paid vacation days per month, equaling approx. 2 weeks for a 6 month stay and approx. 4 weeks for a 12 months commitment

  • Minimum of 1.5 free days per week and 1 completely free weekend per month

  • Your working hours (maximum of 6 hours per day and 30 hours per week) are established by German law for your protection

  • Placement with a carefully screened German host family

  • Private room and full board provided by your host family.

  • Personal Interview by Skype with a staff member after submitting your application

  • Extensive advice and support before and during your stay through our dedicated, experienced and friendly Ayusa  staff and local representatives

  • Arrival meeting with your local Representative

  • Regular organized meetings with your local Representative and other au pairs in your area.

  • Sponsorship of your au pair visa in Germany through your host family

  • Contract between au pair and host family for your protection, laying out the rights and responsibilites of both parties


in order to be an aupair in Germany you should:


  • be between 18 and 26 years of age (up to 29 years of age on a Working Holiday Visa or as a citizen from the UK and Ireland)

  • have previous experience looking after children, i.e. through private babysitting, internships at childcare institutions, as a camp counselor or as an after-school tutor

  • Be a secondary school graduate (high school) or equivalent

  • be in good health, a non-smoker and have no criminal record

  • be single, unmarried and childless

  • be able to commit to at least a min. of six months (due to visa requirements)

  • be interested in learning about the German culture and language have basic knowledge of the German language (in order to be granted an au pair visa)

  • have a valid drivers licence (preferred but not required)




You can find a host family even faster if you have practical experience with children under 2 years of age and are willing to care for them in Germany.

Aupair in the Netherlands


Do you want to be part of the Dutch culture?

As an au pair you will take part in the everyday life of a Dutch family. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and to broaden your horizons. The Netherlands has a lot to offer. 

What are your tasks as an au pair?

As an au pair you will live as a member of the family, look after the children and help with household duties. In return you will receive pocket money and board and lodging.

As au pair works 30 hours per week. You are entitled to two days off per week, and this should at least be once in a month in a weekend. Your duties and working hours as an au pair will vary depending on the ages of the children and the family’s needs. The following list includes most duties:

Child care

help the children getting dressed and feed in the morning 

be responsible for them during the day

play with them

go for walks with them

bring them to and from school/kindergarten

help with homework

do simple cooking for the children

bath them and put them to bed 

Household duties

clean up after the children

do the laundry, iron

clean dishes

vacuuming and dusting. 


You are not responsible for cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, doing other heavy housework tasks or taking care of the family’s animals unless you have agreed to do so.



General conditions 

Do you like and get along with children? 

Are you used to doing light housework? 

Did you ever live away from your family? If not do you think you are ready to live away from your family for long periods of time? 

Are you curious about Dutch culture and language? 

Can you adapt to different and challenging circumstances easily? 

Are you outgoing and friendly?

Do you get along with almost everyone? 

Are you in good health? 


If you can answer yes to all these questions, that‚ is a good start! Please check the formal requirements for au pairs coming to the Netherlands. 



Formal requirements

If you wish to come to the Netherlands as an au pair for longer than 3 months, you must meet the following conditions and hold the following documents: 


A valid passport; 

Health insurance with cover in the Netherlands (your host family will arrange this for you); 

You must not be married; 

You must not have a duty of care or be responsible for the actual care of your own family members (children or parents, for instance); 

You must not constitute a risk to public order; 

You must undergo an examination for tuberculosis in the Netherlands; 

You must be over 18 but no older than 30 years of age; 

You must not have previously stayed in the Netherlands on a residence permit; 

You must not have previously worked for the same family abroad. 

You will as an au pair be responsible for children all day, there fore, you need to be familiar and comfortable with children. When fulfilling these requirements, we will do our best to find a host family for you.


What do you receive as an au pair? 

In the family’s home you are entitled to have your own room. You will receive free room and board and pocket money amounting minimum of €300 to maximum of €340 per month. 

Language course: You have the opportunity to take Dutch classes, or other courses that you find suitable in your spare time. Till an amount of €320, will be paid by the host family.

Insurance: Host family will cover the insurance. This means that if you get ill during your stay, you will only have to pay a small fee for the medical treatment at the hospital or the doctor (public health care). As an au pair you will be covered by travel insurance as well. If you get ill, your host family is entitled to provide you with free board and lodging. 

Travel expenses: Depending on the host family, it will be paid by host family or yourself.


Application process: When you have decided that this is an opportunity that suits you, fill in the contact form or send an email to Below is a list of documents required for the whole process: 

Completed application form

Dear host family letter

Copy of passport (all pages)

Passport photo

At least 2 personal recommendations, preferable one should be about your child care experience

Medical report

Proof of good conduct

Proof of not married

Proof of not having children

Copy legalized and translated birth certificate

Copy education diplomas if any

Some pictures of you, your family, friends and if possible together with children you have looked after

Antecedent certificate

Mandatory to Au Pair Amsterdam to apply for visa


After we have received your complete application and you have been accepted to the program we will start the process of finding you a suitable host family. 

When we believe we have found a host family for you, we send them your application. The family then often calls you directly in order to talk to you personally and see if you are interested. If they decide that they want to invite you, we send you their formal invitation, information on how to apply for work permit (if necessary), complete information about the host family, contracts from the family and other necessary information. 




You should apply at least 4 months before you want to travel to the Netherlands. The matching process may in some cases be shorter than this. We always try to place you according to your desired date of arrival, but we can never guarantee that we will be able to place you at a specific time. If there are sudden changes in your plans, either new arrival dates or you cancel, we must notify immediately.




The minimum stay is 9 months. The maximum stay is one year. The majority of families prefer to have an au pair for 9-12 months. 




Host families are situated in all parts of the Netherlands.