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For Families

We have a variety of candidates to specifically suit your needs and your child's and home. we have a wide range of nannies, babysitters, aupairs, childminders, night nurses, tutors and domestic workers. We place in Cape town, Durban and Gauteng.



Our great nannies help with housework and looking after the children. we have both sleep in and out nannies on salaries range from R4500- R15000 p/m. nanny rate per day is from R200-300 depending on experience and qualifications and age.


Aupairs work bothpart time and full time to fit your needs and budget. salaries range from R7000- R25,000 per month. or a weekly pay to be discussed. Au pairs rate per day is R60-100/hr depending on experience, qualifications and working hours.


Childminders can either be sleep in or out. salaries range from R6000-15,000 p/m.

Night Nurses
Baby Sitters

Qualified night nurses to help with babies for your good sleep. salaries range from R450-R800 per night.

Babysitters are occasional or sometimes vacational and rate is from R50-R100 per hour. nannies charge less to babysit.


Tutors are well trained and salaries range from R180-R300 per hour

Domestics/ Chars/handymen

We have reliable and hard working  domestic workers/ garderners and chars. whether you are looking for full time or just to help spring clean your  house. We all need that trustworthy home help that can clean like a machine!  


salaries range from R2500 upwards / month

a daliy rate of R175 upwards per day

Or a daily rate of R250-R350/day chars dropped at your doorstep.


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